Customer Engagement Platform to boost sales

Acquire new customer, retain existing customer, increase repeat rate, and maximize customer lifetime value with our unique customer centric engagement.


Digital Connect

Send digital bill to your customer directly from your existing billing software. Collect on-screen feedback, promote with ad banner

Digital Bill

Send Digital Bill on SMS / Whatsapp

Purchase History

Show entire purchase history at one place

Promote your business

Use interactive ad banners to promote your business

On-screen feedback

Collect internal feedback from your customers


Online Discovery

Improve your search visibility with better reviews & ratings; Easily collect customer reviews and social media likes.

Collect GoogleTM Reviews

Easily collect Google Reviews & Ratings for your store

Improve Search Ranking

Better Ratings = Better Search Engine Ranking

Acquire New Customers

Increase store footfall with multifold rise in online enquiries

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media pages


Loyalty, Referral & E-Coupons

Establish lasting relationships with your customers by loyalty & coupon program. Improve brand recall and trigger repeat purchase

Tailor-made loyalty program

Configure your own loyalty scheme

Refer & Earn

Make your customers your brand ambassadors by using Referral Program

Digital Coupon

Create a comprehensive e-coupon distribution strategy

Loyalty & Coupon Wallet

Show real-time points & coupon status to increase loyalty & coupons redemption


Personalised Greetings & Reminders

Send automated greetings, offers & reminders to your customers. Improve brand recall, repeat purchase and customer lifetime value

Profile Collection

Conveniently collect customer profile for better personalisation

Automated Birthday & Anniversary Greetings

Send custom-made e-greetings/offers on their special days

Long Time No See

Improve repeat purchase by sending automated coupons & reminders to dormant customers

Loyalty & coupon reminders

Remind your customers of their loyalty & coupon status.


Actionable Insights

Get insights on your business & marketing performance using our data-driven Business analytics portal


Get summary on sales, feedback, NPS score, customer footfall. Analyse store performance at a glance

Trend analysis

Analyse business trends on sales, feedback, new-customer acquisition, repeat purchase

Customer Journey

Analyse customer behaviour, brand affinity, buying pattern of your customers