For Customers :

Get exciting offers

See loyalty status

Provide feedback

Manage all bills

Sync all bills from email

For Merchants :

Improve customer retention

Targeted marketing

Send digital bills

Save paper/printing cost

Get feedback on purchase

Features for Merchant

Billfree helps you improve customer engagement through digital bills, promotions, and other services

Send digital Bills
The easiest way to deliver an invoice to your customer. Store the digital copies for much efficient management and support
Help your customer to reach back to you
Your customers can easily access the bills to use them for any service, e.g. warranty. Providing such an easy way to access bills will tremendously increase your customer’s trust in you ultimately leading to better sales opportunities
Promote new products
Recently launched a product or a service? Spread the word using BillFree Promotions
Proximity Advertising
Customers can see the latest and trending offers when they pass by your store. This will drive more customers that are around your store increasing foot-fall by 20-30%

Features for User

BillFree is a bill wallet that lets you store all your bills at one place

Easy, Anywhere Access
Access your bills from anywhere, from any device (PC, Mobile, Tablet)
Get Exciting Offers
You will receive customised offers from your merchants and also exciting online offers
Capture your Bills
Besides receiving bills directly from places you shop, you can add your existing bills manually by capturing your paper bills or uploading a soft copy on your mobile/computer.
Collect & Download
Keep bills of AC, TV, fridge, Washing Machine, Laptop, Computer, etc at BillFree.
Keep it safe for warrantee, replacement, exchange, refrence or future use and download whenever needed
Collect Online Bills
For bills of your online purchases, forward the bill available in the email to or simply sync bills on your GMail with BillFree app