BillFree Labs is a Noida Based company recognized by the DIPP. We have developed a platform to digitize the bill/receipt delivery directly onto customers' mobile phones. The intention is to smoothen and ensure the bill delivery and to ultimately remove the need for a physical bill thereby saving huge delivery cost. At the user end, they will have all the bills stored at one common place for their ease.
Digital bill opens doors for other value-added services like sending offers and promotions, receiving customer feedback, providing loyalty information, proximity marketing, etc.
Today, invoice is the only means to claim the ownership or the services to a product you have purchased. Be it an appliance, or a vehicle, or anything you buy off the market, an invoice is always needed. This results in a big challenge of maintaining them. Generally, these printed purchase invoices are lost and couldn’t be found at the time of need. There is a need to keep all the purchase invoice safe in one place. With Billfree, your invoices are stored in the cloud and you can access them using your mobile phone at any time.
Secondly, there are more than 10 Million mom and pop stores in India. Their digital presence is very less. Mobile and internet penetration is growing rapidly. However, these merchants are stalled. They are using the old ways to newspaper ads or distributing the printed ads/pamphlets to engage with or aquire customers. They have no means of leveraging the internet and digital technology to connect to the customers. For these merchants, BillFree acts as an enabler and helps them establish a digital presence in the market.

Our Progress

We have validated our product idea across major industries namely Mobile, Computer & Accessories, White Goods, Retail, Apparel, Pharmacy, FMCG, Machinery, Hardware and Sanitary, and Food & Beverages. We have integrated with 15+ billing software providers (PoS). These providers cover 60% of the market, and we are striving to cover as much market as we can. In just 6 months since we started our operations, we have scaled our business across 7 states in India, closing 700+ merchants and delivering digital bills to over 1,20,000 customers nation-wide. These are just initial numbers and we are estimating exponential growth in the future

Bills Delivered Digitally

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